Worship Arts =

The art of designing worship

music, movement, drama, décor, visuals, technology, text and more

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The Library

Quickstart Basics

Quickstart Basics

Quickstart Basics



Quickstart Basics

Quickstart Basics


Need help finding repertoire?

Unity songbooks

101 NT songs

My rep log excerpt

 Empower congregationals 


Vids and Pods

Vids and Pods

Vids and Pods


current SU service pods

worship dance playlist

sacred poetry playlist

Mainstream songs for NT church

 interfaith examples playlist 

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Vids and Pods



Much More

More Repertoire

Karen Drucker

Rickie Byars

Traditional/freebies (index at back)

Empower congregationals

Taize online

NT Choral Library

56 tunes from 2001 or later

Unity of Albany rep page

see also my originals below

More Vids and Pods

Kim Walker Prophetic Worship vids

Cassandra Hunsucker on worship leading 

Releasing playlist

Interfaith Voice podcast

acappella gospel playlist

More Interesting Articles

Rev. jim Burklo on Interfaith Principles

Roy-Shah on Cultural Appropriation

Bhaktananda on Interfaith/Appropriation

McG on 10 Ways to Freshen Music Ministry

Odel on 20 Ways to Improve

Rosenberger on Shamanic Practice

Beckwith's Visioning Method

Armstrong's Expressive Communication-

My originals

- email me for charts or mp3's

- tithe on what you use

- keep my name on things

20 recent singalongs audio

20 recent singalongs songbook pdf

That Good Thing  album audio

Going Deep - chant album audio

Pilgrimage - chant album audio

Let That Voice - old songbook

NEW singalong: Every Moment of My Life

NEW chant: Every Day I Say Your Name

NEW singalong One Step

NEW singalong: Lord I Thank You

NEW singalong: Every Moment

NEW singalong: Get a Look at all the God in Here

NEW chant: Breathe Into This Moment

NEW choral: Go Forward

NEW piece: Can I Be Your Voice

NEW singalong: We Sing Praise

NEW chant: I Feel a River

NEW piece: I Can Feel the Love

NEW singalong: I Choose This Day

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